Illusion collectivity

In the end, we are we. Alone. Whatever of collectifity that shade our, may be able to obscure our mess, but it never relieve our original identity. togetherness may be able to entertain outside view of how gracefully we collectively. But, but when viewed individually, we are dilapidated.
Political parties are the container collectivity, where various people link everything in the name. Colours and symbols maybe tie up and collect, but but not they that unifying. Any association that does not unify the strong, noble visions of morality and internalized in the individual cultures, will be very tired.
We agree this country

is maintained by the participants are willing. Rather than inheritance from a family dynasty to the offspring. So if we have taken the mandate power, through the big contest win desire of the people of the sound booths, it is the bond-making responsibility for many of their business expenses. Since it is no longer a matter of taste. Then the party lively in appearance, should be first is an organization with a strong mental posture. That partly reflected in the pattern of recruitment of its members, built it, and growing leadership.
Then we see easily moved at many institutions in this country, the consensus olehorang institution violated its own people. Rules set and enforced through the collectivity of the system began to agency investigators and the prosecution panel, until the final termination hearing. The rest is another irony of a blunt coordination, synergy is incompressible, and attack each other between fellow law enforcement agencies.
In the end we are us. Own. There is a theory about the interplay of individuals within the melt drag herd. But if we are right in being an adult, we can become a core element of all the benefits of collectivity, wherever and for whatever we are.

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