About me

  • Hi there…
  • My name is D.A.S (Probably Doyle Arthur Sherlock, Dasuke Arthur Shinichi, or whatever, don’t confuse!). Actually, that’s too dangerous if I show my true ID 😛 , I’m sorry guys! just kidding! see on the right sidebar. There is my ID.
  • I am an adventurer
  • Borned in Lebak  23 September made me looks like person on earth 😛
  • No doubt, I am male
  • Chess is just one of my activities, I’m so happy if you want to play with me. If you wanna play, please add chess application on your fb. You can search it on search FB machine by a keyword is “Chess.com”. Sign up and challenge me. My account on FB is DDDD AAAAA SSSSSSSSS but in that application (chess.com) my account name is Uchiha_D_Zaoldick. So you can search on that application by that name. The application is very easy to use and has a user friendly interface. So you can instanly understand it . But, if you still have a problem with the application, just ask me a question or some questions.
  • If you want more to know about me, just ask. But, I can’t ensure that I will answered all of your questions. Because a lot of my Identity is secret. Kidding again 😛
  • At first, I planed to use this blog only for sharing idea. Then, there is just a little idea in my head. So, Finally, to avoid this blog be such useless, I add another category; information. The Informations that I share are costs of  product, lyric with music, etc.
  • I landed on earth have not been too long. So, my english is still bad. But I’ll hardwork again to learn it. 😛
  • I think I have told you too much. So, I close here all about introduction
  • Finally, I say ” Welcome to my world!” , “nice to meet you”, “thanks for your visiting”
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